2019-20 Season Constitution: Essex Sunday Corinthian League (ESCL 19/20 22.8.19)


Written by Scott W [Twitter: @ScottMHC14]


Hello and a warm welcome to a one-off piece looking at the Constitution that makes up the various divisions of the Essex Sunday Corinthian League in the 2019-20 season, with a listing of the fixtures for the first two weeks of action straight after. For more information, check out their website at http://www.escfl.co.uk  or via Twitter – @EssexCorinthian

You can also hear the results weekly as part of the Intermediate Football round-up which continues on the Grassroots Football Show on East London Radio from next month.

Regular readers of this blog may notice that Sunday Football doesn’t often get mentioned. On this occasion, I thought even a small piece looking at the ESCL would be helpful as the game on Sundays is still an important ‘piece of the Grassroots puzzle’ so to speak.

The Essex Sunday Corinthian League started in 1986 and covers parts of East London going into the Essex surburbs from Newham in the Western edge to Havering in the Eastern side. (Source: ESCL website). Below is a listing of who is in what division this coming season, following that will be the fixtures for the opening day on September 8th.



Key: (C) – Champions | (Ru) – Runners-up from last season | (P) = Promoted


ESCL Premier Division Constitution (2019-20) (11 clubs)

  • Asianos
  • Barking & Dagenham Wanderers
  • El Valiente (Ru)
  • Elda
  • FC Mexico A
  • Flanders
  • Repton Park (C)
  • Romford Elite
  • SL Menfica (P)
  • Ultimate Vision
  • Warren Utd




ESCL Division ONE Constitution (2019 -20) (11 clubs)

  • Brook Athletic
  • Chingford Athletic (Ru)
  • Colebrook Royals
  • FC Mexico B
  • KLIK
  • Korona Redbridge
  • Kulture Klub (P)
  • Oceana
  • St Augustines
  • Valentine Utd
  • West Abbey


ESCL Division TWO Constitution (2019 -20) (12 clubs)

  • Abridge Village
  • Barking
  • Central Colts (P)
  • Chingford Athletic Reserves
  • Frenford
  • Goresbrook
  • Hornchurch Oakmont
  • Royal Albert
  • Roose
  • Thames Ironworks Community (P)
  • Walthamstow Avenue
  • Wanstead Albion



ESCL Division THREE Constitution (2019 -20) (13 clubs)

  • AFC Theydon
  • Alpha
  • Barking Riverside
  • Blackwall Rovers
  • Chigwell Utd
  • E4 Rangers
  • East Ham Inter (P)
  • Havering Well
  • London Fire Brigade
  • Lonsdale
  • Newham Athletic (P)
  • Roneo Colts
  • West Essex


ESCL Division FOUR Constitution (2019-20) (12 clubs)

  • Asianos Reserves
  • Bretons Manor
  • Inter Ladzio
  • Monkhams
  • Ping City Phoenixes
  • Ridgeway Rovers Under-21 A
  • Romford Athletic Dons
  • Roneo Colts Reserves
  • Selwyn Rovers
  • Titans Utd
  • United Amateurs
  • Upshire Forest Reserves


ESCL Division FIVE Constitution (2019-20) (11 clubs)

  • Cobra
  • Custom House Community
  • East Tilbury Town
  • Eastern Avenue
  • Epping Forest Falcons
  • Keith Park Rangers
  • Ridgeway Rovers Under 21 B
  • Singh Sabha Barking
  • Thames Ironworks Community Reserves
  • Total Football
  • Woodford Green Utd


FIXTURES – September 8th (10.30am KOs – all are subject to alteration)

Premier Division

Elda v El Valiente  | Oakside (Redbridge FC)

Repton Park  v  Romford Elite  | Roding Valley High Sch (3G)

Ultimate Vision  v  Barking & Dagenham Wanderers | Warren Sports Centre


Division ONE

Brook Athletic  v  KLIK   | Ford’s Sport & Social Club (Newbury Park)

Chingford Athletic  v  Valentine Utd  | Town Mead Leisure Park (3G)

Colebrook Royals  v  Kulture Klub  | The Pavillon, Grange Farm Centre

FC Mexico B v St Augustines   |  Emerson Park Sch

West Abbey   v  Oceana   |  Larsens Recreation Ground


Division TWO

Abridge Village  v  Frenford  | Abridge Village Hall

Barking  v  Chingford Athletic Res  | Mayesbrook Park

Goresbrook  v  Central Colts    | Warren Sports Centre

Hornchurch Oakmont  v  Roose   | Westlands Playing Fields

Wanstead Albion  v  Thames Ironworks Community  | Wanstead Flats


Division THREE

Alpha  v  East Ham Inter  | Wanstead Flats

Barking Riverside  v  AFC Theydon  | Castle Green Leisure Centre

Blackwall Rovers  v  Havering Well  | Wanstead Flats

Chigwell Utd  v  Lonsdale   | TBA

Newham Athletic  v  West Essex  | Beckton District Park South

Roneo Colts  v  E4 Rangers   | Robert Clark Sports Centre (3G)


Division FOUR

Bretons Manor  v  United Amateurs  | Castle Green Leisure Centre

Monkhams  v  Ridgeway Rovers U21 A  | Roding Valley Playing Fields

Ping City Phoenixes  v  Romford Athletic Dons   | Low Hall Sports Ground

Selwyn Rovers  v  Inter Ladzio  | The Rolls Sports Ground

Titans Utd  v  Roneo Colts Res   | Old Dagenham Park

Upshire Forest Res  v  Asianos Res   |  Town Mead Leisure Park


Division FIVE

Cobra  v  Woodford Green Utd  | Old Dagenham Park

Epping Forest Falcons  v  Eastern Avenue  | Ashton Playing Fields

Keith Park Rangers  v  Custom House Community  | Ford’s Sport & Social (Newbury Park)

Total Football  v  Singh Sabha Barking   | Epping St John’s Sch