Grassroots Football Show specials (GFS 9.5.18)

Hello all, i felt moved to share two special episodes of the Grassroots Football Show (which as most of you will know, I do a bit for.)

These shows are the “Mental Health in Non-League” special (which looks at the deep subject of MH, in the Non-League arena and the GFS “Extra” podcast – Essex Senior League “Squads of the Season where Pete D & myself take up the challenge of choosing an 18-man squad each.

For the “Mental Health in Non-League” special, click here or add the URL:


For the GFS Extra – Essex Senior Lge “Squads of the Season” podcast, click here or add the URL:¬†


Hope both are a good listen. Best, Scott

MH & GFS: ‘A Call to Contribute’ (11.3.18)

Hello all,

Here’s a advertorial notice of sorts to mention that later in the season, the Grassroots Football Show (GFS) is looking to do a special on “Mental Health (MH) in Non-League Football” in May (most likely) 2018.

This brings together two topics that are very important to me, as well as many other people – of that I have no doubt whatsoever.

There have been many brave footballers who have spoken up about their own battles in recent times, the likes of Billy Kee, Liam Hughes and Neil Lennon are among them. I believe that more discussion on the wide-ranging subject that MH is will help others in many ways.

So, if anyone within the local Non-League community (be it a supporter, player, manager, club official etc) would possibly like to talk about the topic as a whole (irrespective of whether they have their own battles with MH) in a positive and constructive manned and contribute to this special or want to come forward to talk about their own experiences with MH (entirely your choice by the way) as well then please send me a DM on Twitter: @ScottMHC14 or do the same to the Grassroots Football Show Twitter feed: @ELRFootball

Thank you.

Best wishes, Scott